Explainer: How to vote safely and securely in the 2020 election

November 20, 2020

The December 7, 2020, general elections is fast approaching and all political parties are putting in their last-ditch efforts to ensure they do everything in their power to secure votes. 

Ghanaian electorates, in the past few months, have been bombarded with adverts on radio and TV, home visits, billboards and posters of politicians as this is the peak of Ghana's political season. 

This year's presidential election would see eleven political parties and 1 independent candidate battling it out for a chance to get voted into power. 

With every day that passes, the electorate becomes more clear in his or her mind on the particular candidate to vote for. 

Having in mind who to vote for is not an all-in-all sure bet of seeing one's preferred candidate marching into the Flagstaff House. 

One would actually have to go out and vote correctly to ensure that he or she at least gives that preferred candidate a chance of winning the tightly-contested race. 

In line with this important factor, YEN.com.gh brings you some tips to ensure that you vote safely and securely to push your preferred presidential and parliamentary candidate to victory. 

The most important point here is to ensure that you are sure in your mind that you want to cast your vote come December 7, 2020.  Once that decision is made, you have to have a few other points in mind. 

First of all, you must ensure that you are complying to all COVID-19 protocols since we are not in normal times. So mask up and also ensure you maintain your distance at all times. 

Secondly, on the day of voting, you do not wear any party colours to your designated voting center as this could spur conflict and also jeopardize your chances of voting. 

Ensure that you have registered to vote and check to see if your name is in the voters' register. 

Again, when going to the polling center to cast your vote, do not carry any weapon with you. You want to cast your vote and not fight with anyone. 

Once at the polling center, ensure that you follow all the rules and regulations that would be given to you by the polling station officers.

Join the queue quietly and do to try to convince anyone to vote for a certain candidate - your opinion does not matter here - just cast your vote and go back home. 

When it gets to your turn to vote, take your ballot paper, go to the designated booth and cast your vote. 

Now, here is the tricky part - ensure that you do not destroy the ballot and disenfranchise yourself by voting for multiple candidates on the same ballot paper. 

Accurately and carefully place your thumb in the empty box close to your preferred candidate and neatly fold the sheet correctly and drop the ballot paper in the designated box. 

Source: yen.com


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