How to save yourself from bad luck & disappointment - Nana Poku

October 12, 2021

Do you know plantain leaves can help one to know why that person is not getting healed or what is behind the affliction the person is going through? Cut a plantain leaf and turn the inside out to face upwards, stand on this plantain leaf and pray, stand on this same leaf in a bathroom, pray and ask God to reveal what is going on to you and see the revelation that  you will encounter afterwards. Dispose off the leaf after use. Watch

Bad luck doesn't just happen, sometimes the source could be spiritual but the good news is that herbs when applied rightly come bring solution and this is where the power of God is manifested. 

Clicktv/Clickradio with Disciple on the Spiritual Drive Show and the co-host Nana Poku from the Yeji Herbal Clinic shares more on how to save yourself from bad luck & disappointment in the video below.

Watch the video below.


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