How to use marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) and Palm reading

May 11, 2021

The colour of one's palm can sometimes be an indication of the kind of disease which may affect that individual. So it is good to know what the impending danger per the colour of your palm is so that you can guide against the onset of that particular ailment. Watch

A whitish or pure red palm is an indication of getting a stroke or diabetes in the near future and as precaution should be consuming carrots and onion very often. Dim dark palm is an indication of going down with asthma. 

As human, we all fall sick at one point in our lives, but sometimes we bring some of the sicknesses and the tragedies upon ourselves by living a reckless life and by not eating well or eating unhealthy food. with Killa Boobo on the Spiritual Drive Show and our guest Prophet Saam David from Sam David Spiritual and Solution Centre share some powerful uses of marijuana leaves and the secrets on palm reading in the video.

Watch the video below.


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