How to win a court case & cure for severe waist pain - Nana Poku

October 13, 2021

Since the spiritual rules over the natural, a court case must be won spiritually before it is dealt with physically and remember your opponent may not be sitting idle. This is where the power invested in herbs comes into use.  Some herbs like tameawu, susumasa or a palm tree leaf can be used in this case. The combination of some of the leaves of of tameawu, some amount of the small spicy pepper and some alligator pepper can deal with this. Watch

Most of the work we do has to do with either sitting or standing for a long time and the food we eat also result in developing or accommodation of phlegm in our system. For this reason people very often complain of waist pain but working from the spine to the waist dealing with all inflammation, there is a natural solution through herbs.  This will also help in sexual weakness in men because waist related issues have negative effect on sexual performance.

Clicktv/Clickradio with Disciple on the Spiritual Drive Show and the co-host Nana Poku from the Yeji Herbal Clinic shares more on how to win a court case & cure for severe waist pain in the video below.

Watch the video below.


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