Most powerful herb both spiritual and physical benefits and cures: Tameawu

May 10, 2021

Some of the leave of the adedenkruma plant have ten, nine, eight, seven or six petals but let’s cast our minds back to the number of months a human being is conceived and delivered to this world and also the number days we have in a week. Therefore for medicinal or spiritual purpose the number of petals on a leaf to be used should be either nine or seven but not ten nor six. Watch

Seeking to acquire knowledge is very important because others were here us therefore we need to learn or hear from those who have trod the stony road and have made it in life in order not to suffer through ignorance. This is in reference to the uses of herbs and plants.

Plants and herbs are living entities and therefore one must deal with such accordingly when we need to use them as remedies, cleansing or for any other spiritual purposes as humans. We need to talk to the plant or the herb before fetching whichever part we need to use for whatever purposes. with Disciple on spiritual drive show and the guest Mr. Zion from Zion TV shares more powerful uses of Tameawu and Adedenkrumah plants and how to treat plants in general to achieve our aim.

Watch for more insightful details.


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