Must watch - The mystery behind boerhavia difusa (Aposompo)

April 06, 2021

Do you know the combination of some herbs to treat some ailments can take about three weeks or three months but the same combination can about three days for the cure depending on how one goes about it?

There is a mystery behind the seed of boerhavia difusa [aposompo in the twi language] plant and that one may run mad if the seed is accidentally dropped on that person's head by a bird.

One of the effective ways to be rich and have money flowing in your life is through the use of herbs. It is not by magic but just by putting rice in your wallet or purse is one of the means by which lack of money will be gone for good. with Sammy on spiritual drive and our guest Prophet Saam David from Sam David Spiritual and Solution Centre takes a looks at some of these solutions.

Watch the video below.


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