The powerful uses of Chromolaena Odorate (Akyeampong)

April 07, 2021

The siam weed [Akyeampong in the Twi Language] is a medicinal plant noted for its wound healing properties and it is also used in the treatment of infections like gonorrhea and syphilis. 

The plant contains a lot of calcium and we all know that calcium plays a very important role in the building of the muscles, strong bones and joint and also strong teeth to mention a few. 

Dieting is very important when you are going through treatment of any kind and it is so important to consume more alkaline food than the non-alkaline because alkaline based foods help clear our body system and also prevent heart related ailments. spiritual drive show host Killa Boobo and our guest T/Dr. Shalomo Lartey Laryea from Gyedie Herbal Centre share more on the uses of the akyeampong plant.

Watch the video below.


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