Pregnancy Herbs: Spiritual & physical benefits of herbs before and after pregnancy

April 06, 2021

Herbs do not give us physical benefit only but has spiritual benefits as well which includes making financial breakthrough and protecting us from bad energy at all time and especially a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman is envied and has more enemies more than one can imagine because of what she is carrying in the inside of her. 

There are some herbs which can help a pregnant woman out of pregnancy related issues both spiritually and physically and also to prevent miscarriage in pregnancy. Akonfem atiko, nkwada nkwadaa brodie and adwira are few of those herbs.

Do you know the colour of the kind of the dress you wear on the day you marry will have effect on how long the marriage will last? spiritual drive show host Disciple and our guest Dr. Adom from Adom Herbal and Spiritual Centre share more on pregnancy related issues and how to over them.

Watch the video below.


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