Prekese (Galbanum), Cassava Leaves and Snail Shell: Powerful uses of these strong three

April 30, 2021

Prekese (Galbanum) fruit was part of the fragrance spices which Moses was asked to gather according to Exodus 30:34 by God for the preparation of the special incense for the holy of holies and prekese still works wonders today. Watch

Direction is very important when it comes to the usage of plants and herbs in that it is not everything that can be solved with prayers alone. Adding prekese to the soup you bath with can even protect you from bad energies especially when you do it with faith.

Prekese we are told can only be found in Ghana and Israel so we should called ourselves blessed as Ghanaians and not to ignore the power of this fruit when it comes to seeking for protection through the uses of herbs. with Killa BOobo on spiritual drive and our guest Abrewa Nana from Abrewa Nana Spiritual and Herbal Centre has more to share on the powerful uses of prekese in the video below.

Watch the video for details.


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