Salt & Plantain: Spiritual and Physical uses of salt & Plantain 

February 19, 2021

We all know what plantain or our local salt are used for but we do have to learn more secrets about these two especially their spiritual aspect because our forefathers used them for their benefits.

Whatever remedy we may need have been put in place by the creature through nature but not until we apply them. Remember we have been commanded to ask, seek, and knock and we shall be given, find and doors shall be opened unto us.

There are lot of negative energies or forces of darkness working against us, what we called 'pull him down syndrome' causing some setbacks and delayance in our lives especially as Africans but we can come out of these negativity through the use of the local salt. spiritual drive show host Killa Boobo and our guests Evang. Kwadwo Ntow and Nana Kwakye Adiefe from Dickrich Spiritual & Herbal Centre share more on some of the powerful uses of salt and plantain.

Watch the video below.


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