Spiritual and physical benefits of abowomaaguwakyi and odiiaba Seed (phylianthus Niruri 

May 12, 2021

Some people encounter tragedies or even loose their lives during life events like birthday celebration, getting married, graduation, travelling or even moving into a newly built house due to the fact there are forces monitoring to make sure we do not get to our destination in life. But do not worry yourself to death because there a way out of this challenge through the uses of plants and herbs. Watch

Three days prior to your birthday celebration, get the leaves of abowomaaguwakyi plant (male & female), place the seed of odii aba on the leaves, using Psalm 23:1-6 six times, pray asking for the absence of evil during the event, mash the leaves in a mortar, sieve and add water to the mixture and put the odii aba in the water, bath with it in the evening seven times and see what happens.

A week before travelling, one can go through the same process by fetching abawomaaguwakyi (male$& female) and the nunum plant with the odii aba by reading psalm 90. 

Clickradiogh.com/ClickTV with Disciple on spiritual drive and our guest Dr. Adom from Adom Herbal and Spiritual Centre takes a looks at some of these solutions.

Watch the video below for more.

Source: Clickradiogh.com/ClickTV

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