The Spiritual benefits and effects of plants and herbs

April 07, 2021

Do you know there are some plants we need not keep in our environment if we are not spiritually inclined? We have to be spiritually minded and not only physically in our dealings as human beings.

Men as the head of the family were born with special fire and so they need to keep the fire burning but unfortunately, one of the ways to quench and loose that fire is to sleep with a woman in her menses and a lot of men take this for granted.

The fact is that we all know there are evils forces which includes witches and wizard and other powers out there working against us but we ourselves are partly to be blamed for the calamities which befall us. spiritual drive show with Nana Osei Bonsu and our guest Nana Yeboa Kumi from Sonkyi Herbal Awareness Centre have a lot of deep secrets to share in the video.

Watch the video below.


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