Spiritual & physical benefits of palm tree with Omama

October 14, 2021

Break spiritual marriage which simply means 'disappointment' with the palm tree. Soak 5 or 7 leaves of the palm tree into a rainy water and address the spiritual partner by praying over the it for about 20 minutes, break the union between you and that evil spirit by mentioning the name of the day you were born 7 times whilst sprinkling the water over yourself. Do this for about 7 days and that will be the end but remember to be strong and have faith in what you are doing. - Watch

Seeing the palm branches in a dream means triumph and seeing the whole palm tree in the dream has to do with how the life of the dreamer is going to blossom for the whole world to be benefited. Be eating foods which are prepared with palm oil or be drinking a table spoon full of palm oil every day between the 1st and the 6th month of pregnancy if there is any pregnant woman out there who wants to give birth to a fair skin and hairy or healthy baby naturally. 

This same method can be used to treat night blindness or blurred vision. Be drinking the organic palm oil and be chewing moringa seeds for a month to see a tremendous result without side effect. One can apply palm kennel oil directly on the eye to get rid of cataract without side effect.

Clicktv/Clickradio with Disciple on spiritual drive show and our co-host Omama Kwame Yiadom from the Okogyeaman Spiritual Herbal Centre share more on the spiritual & physical benefits of palm tree in the video below.

Watch the video below.

Source: Clickradiogh.com/Clicktv

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