Spiritual & physical uses of honey, salt & rain water - Omama

October 11, 2021

Honey cam be used to attract sweetness and goodness into our lives! Get some amount of pure honey and wake up as early as 3 am, standing at roadside and holding the honey in your left hand, pray over your life asking for sweetness, goodness and favour just as the properties of the honey are to come into your life. Be pouring some into your right hand and be drinking it alone with the prayer. Pour the rest to the roadside and leave without talking to any soul till morning and see what happens. Watch

Treat eczema (ekro) with salt. Grind some of the local salt into powder and scrape this skin rashes with blade, dip a finger in the salty powder and apply it directly to the eczema making it disappear naturally. 

Cure yeast infection with honey and salt. Honey has the ability to cure a lot of sicknesses and diseases especially when combined with other natural products. Mix some honey and salt together; insert a cotton wool dipped into the mixture as a woman to treat common virginal infections

Clicktv/Clickradio with Disciple on spiritual drive show and our co-host Omama Kwame Yiadom from the Okogyeaman Spiritual Herbal Centre share more the spiritual & physical uses of honey, salt & rain water in the video below.

Watch the video below.

Source: Clickradiogh.com/Clicktv

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