Spiritual & physical uses of spinous fluggear - Mama Vic

October 13, 2021

Have you ever heard of the Egyptian queen plant? Planting this in in front of your house helps in driving bad energies away because it has the power and evil energy cannot stand this power when this plant is rooted in any environment that is why some people have in the front of their houses. Watch

The spinous fluggear plant has some uses in the treatment of diabetes and kidney related ailments. The root has a cure for kidney disorders. Fetch, wash and cut some of the root into pieces and bring to boil by adding some ginger, wisa (Ashanti pepper), hwentia (negro pepper) and be drinking the extract to deal with kidney diseases naturally. Boiling and drinking the leaves of the spinous fluggear plant morning, afternoon and evening after meal as a natural cure for diabetes as well. 

The leaves of the Awobe plant (Phyllanthus muellerianus) is one of the spices which is used in treatment of wound hence the leaves can be added to palm nut soup or in the predation in the treatment of malaria as a natural cure.. 

Clicktv/Clickradio with Disciple on spiritual drive show and our co-hostess Mama Vic shares more on the spiritual & physical uses spinous fluggear in the video below.

Watch the video below.

Source: Clickradiogh.com/Clicktv

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