Why African has failed - Must watch

February 23, 2021

What is failure in life? Has Africa failed developing? What are the causes of failure as Africans? What does failure mean in a human life?

Failure is where a person is not able to achieve the aim or a purpose from what was set to accomplish in his or her life.

Africans are failing because we were lied to, to forgo our root and to take on strange cultures which are not helping us and it is in the area of good health, finances
and many others.

Clickradiogh.com/Clicktv Tie Nyansa (Wisdom) Drive Show with Dee J Powers and our guest Dr. Paa Kwasi teach us more on how come we are failing as Africans in the

Watch the video below for more.

Source: Clickradiogh.com/ClickTV

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